Company policy

Company policy

At 2P SOLUTION, we are professionally and passionately involved in the manufacture and assembly of steel structures and the implementation of welding services to the highest international standards.

High quality standards apply to the entire environment in which our company operates. We have successfully implemented an Integrated Management System that meets the requirements of:

PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 3834, and PN-EN 1090 standards, so that we can fully meet our Customers’ requirements.

We operate a manufacturing business based on a “win-win” strategy, aiming to develop the company harmoniously by increasing the value of its Customers. This is expressed in the ethical and honest relations of the Company’s Management Board with Customers and Contractors. We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner, adhering to the following values and principles:

  • we comply with the letter and spirit of the law, taking open and honest action to become a desirable business partner as a company;
  • we create new advanced technologies as well as develop the existing technologies in assembly services, and provide outstanding products to meet Customers’ needs;
  • we are committed to manufacturing products that are safe and environmentally friendly and improve the quality of life;
  • we foster a corporate culture that enhances the creativity of individuals and the value of teamwork in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the 2P SOLUTION brand is always associated by our Customers with professional and reliable service, as well as the high quality of our products and services. We are continually improving our operations by implementing the objectives we have set ourselves for the Integrated Management System, i.e:

  • the use of modern and innovative techniques and technologies in the manufacture and assembly of steel structures;
  • continuous improvement and effective supervision of welding processes for metallic materials;
  • collaboration with business partners in research and design in order to achieve stable, long-term growth, while constantly opening up to new partnerships;
  • further development of the company’s organisational and financial base for ongoing projects and effective management of the environment and occupational safety.

Aware of the commitments we have made, we make every effort to fulfil these commitments to the satisfaction of our customers by continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System, as well as managing risks in the quality area beyond 2P SOLUTION involving business partners such as subcontractors and suppliers involved in our projects.